Wednesday, March 2, 2011


PERFECT HOUSE….You’ve been out looking at homes with your Real Estate Agent for several days. As you walk through the front door of the last house on your list, your mouth falls open.
Finally, you’ve found “The One.” You love the layout, the paint colors and the little half bath by the back door.
You make an offer and close the deal in a couple months. Its not until your all unpacked and things settle down that you discover that the roof leaks, the windows are old and drafty and there are several thousand dollars worth of repairs to be made.
Home buyers, especially first timers, often are caught up looking at the wrong things. They fall in love with the obvious and do not see the important clues that the house might have underlying issues that you do not see.
Six things to consider and do before buying that perfect home:
1. Get a home inspection, they will find things that you do not see.
2. Look at the house at least twice before deciding to purchase.
3. Make sure the HVAC equipment is in good working order
4. Make sure the electrical system is in good working order and no fire hazards.
5. Check for water damaged areas.
6. Have the foundation checked.
Shop around for a good inspector. Make sure he comes prepared for the inspection with all the tools he needs to do the job right. Feel free to be present at the inspection and ask question. A good home inspection can save you thousands in repairs later and could also give you a good bargaining tool.

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